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ART: Vermont Sky: Tough call: Says why art value holds Up!

Followers may wish to catch up with Prof. Krugman’s take  and its value to informed American discourse.

My reason for including his highly relevant graph relates to what has happened over a similar period in residential property in NZ. So explaining why the seemingly hectic speed of this change—yes, wealthy and wannabes here had to keep up! Be born again as it were.

The graph..

Real Wealth Growth

From excellent new data resource

Answering what real wealth growth has been the consequence of huge house price rises across the New Zealand and now not simply an emphatic Auckland decade.

Then of course its topic is timely for change is in the air.. not well-driven change I would have to say, but a phase 2 or 3 disrupting, distracting change. And as unfortunate as that may be in other respects, it will do  away with change for the sake of change whereby corporations manuvered cheap money in taking on governmental need at scale to resolve their predecessor’s global escapades and subprime malfeasance. 


Change, in fact, to draw upon the very difference twixt the real wealth of NZ’s topmost “0.01%” of its population and its tiered property owners. Whose compliance to pay prices through the roof ‘marks’ them for future exploitation.

As, meanwhile, rentiers and money-taking asset owners dodge the bullet of taxes all the more with alternate transactioning. 

An immediate future turning full circle the dispute commencing: “you talk to your lawyer Mister President and I’ll talk to mine” and finishes “hey, we got the same lawyer, Mr. President, agree? Saves money. So..gimme a call, save time.”

That Facebook stock price plummeted is common knowledge: that a billionaire reportedly resigned from the company's board is likely not. Unknown, despite this, is whether the fellow left before the plunge, with it, or after it. For to be sure he would not wish that information to tarnish things further...

Yet one of the cruelest(in oh so cruel America) mentions was that his stock holding took a real beating from some sort of deliberate targeting. Straightaway I must say that the plunge was so great as to eliminate that possibility.. tens of $Bn does not equate $millions or less. Can't but consider how Bn boys have enemies though.. can you? And if so, their stealth in respect wealth..

I shall comment from time to time on aspects from the above. Including to what extent global take-off is occurring and how already apparent ignorance in enzed media[Right Hides* etc] and politics attracts the attention of Word Patrol..

* cf duck hides in season.

Stay in touch..



Pizza Saga -- (1)

Last weekend I was gifted a frypan, an electric frypan.

It was a surprise because the only time I had ever mentioned one was three or four decades ago on a visit to hillside dwellers at Mount Pleasant, Nr Christchurch.

Still, amazed as I had been then, the memory prodded me into using my very own, now.

To make, would you believe, a simple pizza. Tomato sauce(from paste), mozzarella, chopped ham, basil, the toppings.

The bottoming, so to speak, 2 glass cups salted ( 1 level tsp ) plain flour stirred into mix 1 level tsp active yeast and half a cup of warm water which had been standing on the bench for 5 minutes.

No problem, as they say here, none whatsoever. Though I shall admit to being careful with the flour and only mixing 1.5 cups initially. Then, if the dough was sticky, I would spoon the remainder in and stir till satisfied it would finger knead without undue mess. Done.

Popped the lot into my oil-rubbed frypan and spread with long wooden spatula. [I'd taken good advice moons ago about not using metal implements around non-stick surfaces, so as to sustain non-stickiness :-)]. Added all tomato sauce, spreading thinly over the dough, sprinkled mozzarella, ham, basil; set the dial at 4(next to 'hot'), and booted up.

15 minutes under full cover (twist of baking paper stuffing the lid's vent hole); carefully lifted lid off to avoid spilling water condensate back into the pan; continue heat setting for further 5 minutes, and when pizza edges curl up or darken or blacken, turn heat off and lift or slide pizza to warm plate or platter.

Done. Stand 5 minutes. Then sliced a taster-sized piece, took a photo(firsts are musts aren't they!) and sat down to enjoy. Splendid.

Next.. the Problem...


Disaster can inspire..or something like that..

Acid rain

Art: Result of too much acid rain, not enough forethought..

Michigan researchers - into Covid-19 have come up with an interesting finding—indigestion treatment with proton pump inhibitors(PPIs) increases coronavirus positive testing. [ppi reduce hydrogen, increase pH]

The study holds greater credibility from having over 60,000 patients under observation.

Making explanation for themselves* they pointed out:

“Coronaviruses are easily destroyed at a gastric pH of less than 3, but survive in a more neutral pH..”

*WHO say there is no evidence of gastro-intestinal(GI) acidity destroying covid. As Carl Sagan would argue: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; indeed Michigan make the very point albeit from indirect research.

My interest which was sparked from an RNZ report this morning of acid rain over Tonga arising from sulfur aerosols, the pH of which is widely recognized as ~ 4.3.

Compare healthy human lungs at pH 7.4(slightly alkaline), hence covid infection.

Environmental aerosol mixing - acid rain + Sars Covid-2 - ought result in greater virus kill and less covid infection, certainly over dense population areas; cities, towns, et cetera. Subject to fact or evidence-based of course.

Low level testing for this might be possible in/around Tonga and should it subsequently prove to be the case, larger studies along with ’to scale’ environmental methods of culling/limiting virus capacity/atrocity upon human beings a valued management tool.

So.. c’mon guys, let’s do more than what do you think..! Emphasis: do more! 

Like short, sharp, direct shots. Overnights maybe to hole out the transmissibility stakes..

We need some break-evens.


Did You Know..?

This morning in a read of economist, Paul Krugman @NYT, I came upon a colon immediately followed by a capital letter i.e. He.

Now in English usage the capital is seldom called for, but in American usage it is preferred.

Which raises issue when what follows a colon is an incomplete sentence. Having begun with a capital a complete sentence is anticipated et cetera.

Minch Meets Grinch


ART: Minch (2021) Meets Grinch(2020)

I opened the NYTimes this morning and - reading it the correct way (right to left) - found this: Your Dog Had the Best Year Ever

To which, Minch, sharp as a tack, barked: Imagine that!

As you can see above, Grinch was not up for imagining anything.. save to get outta this photo shoot ASAP.

So the pair settled on growling at each other while I took breakfast.. ham and egg.. a wee cup of strong coffee.. and all my pills.

Surprise surprise, Minch makes for making up with her suggestion for Grinch to render his last gasp 2020 experience by asking in doglan whether he brought a piece of black coal through the doghaus at midnight?

Nah, not this time,  I brought enough of everything else in last year, before figuring how someone else--YOU--could take on those chores.

Chores, cries Minch, never chores. YOU mean charms.. I'm sure you do..

Do I?

Of course. Yes, I realize how misery can so influence the mind as to..well, have you unrecognize whatever it is.. er..hum.

Yeah, right. Know something' lady, know who you remind me of--

Who? (back to tack)

Dat James guy. Yeah, how I know is its the way you go on and stretch stuff out. Know something, he's worse than Ray Bradbury and he was a real wordsmith. An' while I'm wondering WTH youse about this James guy is dazzling me with all his semi-colons followed by (wait for it) buts or howevers or yets. Savvy?

Actually, no. For one thing I don't know any James guys--who do they play for? For another, I never read hubris of any kind. Whatsoever. And what on earth you are reading it for is beyond me.

Well actually, Minch--it is Minch isn't it?

Yes Grinch it is. Definitely. Continue..

Hey watchit YOU--don't come the haughty!

As you were saying, Grinch..

Okay, so it's right after I got back from the supermarket last evening. I'm in there, see, and I backed into a low display. I knew it was low because it wasn't in my wing mirrors.

Wing mirrors, really.. not reverse mirrors? I mean to say you don't have wings do YOU?

Wing mirrors is yesterday's doglan, right! I know you're new an' all an'.. doglan 21, but if you want the story you gotta make allowances..

Minch(mental note = no, no more allowances): Low display.. what was it.. and don't YOU dare say dog pile!

Grinch grins, lifts his ears in salute to this gritty girl, and barks: Gee I wish I'd thought of that..

(Disgusted) So, you clearly moved forward.. and..

And theys saying.. couple labradors if you ask me.. how great I was.. for getting about.. and backing into things--

Though not for carrying coal?

Oh lady, you got that right, there aint no way I'll be carrying coal ever again. There was only ever alarm in it. BTW, and answering your earlier question, I got back to this book on the floor. Gutenburgh publishing.. gratis.. easy to see why.. nobody was goin' to read it in such small type and wide column with no line spacing. Real no-no.

YOU felt challenged?

Yeah, how did you figure that! We lifted it, see. Gutenburgh said you could..sort of. Copied, clipboarded, narrow columned, line spaced and bigger font. Beautiful! I didn't even need my glasses on. But lady, it sure is long and I figure I'm gonna be tied down for all of 2021 just to get through for a ree-vue..!!

ps: Among other things YOU have been reading the transcribed meta-tape of how NYTimes's book editors' book recommendation of the (American) classic Portrait of a Lady took revenge upon a Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

And alternatively explain why this year your dog will have the best year ever.. :-)


Silly or Fool, you Decide?

Lear by Ford Madox Brown

Art: Lear by Ford Madox Brown

Let's start with a question, shall we?

Ford Madox Brown was a French born English artist with a reputation for painting moral or historical figures; so, was Lear moral or historical?

As I said, you decide.

Helping hand

To my great surprise this morning national broadcaster RNZ carried a news item which at first thought was representing 'silly season' content. From the New York Post! 'Stop the Insanity' its tabloid front page ran, alongside a picture of POTUS 45 looking somewhat downcast.

Message from its editorial board embellished that he do this for his own sake and the country's. His intense concentration on January 6th when a perceived final possibility to overturn the (so far) official result of the November 3rd Election and have it declared in his favor was (we daresay) wrong. Instead and much more constructively concentrate on January 5th. With a view to retaining Republican majority control of the Senate.

Which illustrates the helping hand nature of published words in New York's influential media.

Reading Through

Now as an artist who knows the merits of flat brush work - one color on one side, another on the other and then the twain shall meet - reading through this news presentation found access to balance. Goodonem! The intriguing words 'King Lear of Mar a Lago' and 'cheering for an undemocratic coup' and 'imagine a government controlled by your nemeses - how high will taxes go?'

Did I say balance?? Goodness me it's up there in B&W so I must have done. Moral mojo, wot! Owning it.

And then the nemeses, people who in actuality represent Americans in Congress or Senate, routinely blagged by '45' et al for essentially doing their jobs. Moral Oh No, think not! Disowning them.

Then taxes: Oh the magnificent cries when first and wannabe foremost at the beginning of his (reign) taxes were cut. Stock shot up; government services down. Stock (aka securities) belong to the Few; government services U join the queue!

When the pandemic hit; some of those health services already gone, how could anyone think that Competence None was nought but The Fool. A talk with 'King Lear' now that Shakespeare's gone could help with this answer.

On Balance

So here we are: on balance, what will you Decide?

Till next time.. try for a good time.. and to one and all: Happy New Year!


Lucky can work out in pharmaceuticals R&D. Latest instance of which is the work being undertaken in Japan, and trailed of necessity in Wuhan, could turn up trumps, so to speak.
https://bit.ly/3a6avuq - has the story..
Here I'd just add that flu treatments are aimed at upper respiratory tract infections. And this drug - favipiravir - appears to have its best therapy in lungs. Where Sars-Cov-2 virus is most dangerous. Prima facie knocking 7 days off infection times is a good indicator for early use. Promising to slow things down by impact.

Surprises, Spikes and Synergies



ART: Unmasking 'the market' fallibility..

I overslept yesterday morning which put my whole daily schedule back some, even to hearing the NZRB Governor interview on RNZ. 

Yet my thank you is to interviewer Ryan who, despite a rocky start where the Governor sought dominance, persisted right on through to his ‘moving contexts’ rebuttal version of Putin’s pomo. 

FYI that is not an insult, for the Putin version of postmodernism brings to international politics a means of embrace for those like-minded souls across this globe. And undesirable elitist as they may be for their present reliance on a fossil fueled future, the intellectual synergy stands.

Though I daresay such membership would come as a surprise to the good Governor. More later..

The Great Depression

Meanwhile his  retort, “Explain to me the Great Depression,” was aimed to deflect/distract her question relevant to impending recession/depression. I do of course recognize that he may not have wanted to disclose to media what is prudently undisclosable. The relationship established she dutifully checked herself to a 1929 Stock Market Crash scenario. 

Whereupon he shifted smoothly into a “different context entirely” routine. 

This listener laughing to himself: of course it was a different context! Different time! Taken as understood if not read at this point of the interview—answer the question, man! Which implied what are you going to do now? 

For whilst the price of N95 masks depicted above would prima facie appear to bear little relevance to their conversation, it reasonably illustrates how ‘the market economy’ fails its vast public in this pandemic. Prices through the roof for in demand items hugely distorts professional and health workers’ needs relative other necessities. Accumulatively impeding the ‘flattening the curve’ strategy. As the waste of money spent to essentially arbitrage goods by profiteers severely impacts and short-changes reliant communities. 

The Great Depression never laid claim to a pandemic cause, whereas the impending one is most likely to. [For as a certain litigious fellow in a conditioned litigious ‘bubble’ publicly declared, “Not our fault!” was met by wiser heads weighting their responses with silent Really!] 

The Black Plague

OTOH the Black Plague - qv Follett’s World Without End - was believed to have created both surviving agricultural worker’s aspirations and Renaissance freedom..  An era before economics wouldn’t you know..

ICYMI - different contexts are rolled as follows: - many, or multiple, truths over time, then no single truth, thence no truth; making everything possible, for aligned politicians.

Though I do hope not with bankers.


I am asked to explain a virus-to-clinical (human disease) pathway.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some infect animals, others human beings. Most cause mild respiratory illnesses i.e. common cold(flu). However, two of them have caused epidemics. These are SARS(2002) and MERS(2012). 

SARS = Severely Acute Respiratory Syndrome. And SARS-Cov-2 was not identified in humans until December 2019. It is a novel(new) virus that causes the human disease COVID-19.

So.. the virus is SARS-Cov-2 which infects humans to cause the disease COVID-19. Nicer or neater, would be to hear people come together insofar as distinguishing between the vector(agent=virus) and the disease.

ps: I am reliably informed that Sars-Cov-2 can ‘reside’; in a body 3/4 days before symptoms appear. Further, Covid-19 can exist to varying degrees - mild through to severe - as explained from this large Chinese study(Jeff Shaman co-author):--

“due to their greater numbers, undocumented infections were the infection source for 79% of documented cases.. [which] explains the rapid geographic spread of Sars-Cov-2”.  

With regards..

Last week I did something unexpectedly--watch the US Democratic Party's primary debate on NBC(online). Before the Nevada caucuses.I was one of 20M viewers. They appeared very proud of this turnout. And I am pleased for them. Truly. Unpleased with the debate, which company termed the Divisive Party by way of alternative definition. Did that for a very good reason which I'll come to shortly. Myself: recollecting incidents as I am prone to do, I came across the trigger whereby five candidates deliberately ganged up against the new boy. Bullies, all, yes really! So, if you are willing I'd like to continue this line as best I am able over the foreseeable future. Inputs will be short blogs, tweets, comments etc..