Minch Meets Grinch

Silly or Fool, you Decide?

Lear by Ford Madox Brown

Art: Lear by Ford Madox Brown

Let's start with a question, shall we?

Ford Madox Brown was a French born English artist with a reputation for painting moral or historical figures; so, was Lear moral or historical?

As I said, you decide.

Helping hand

To my great surprise this morning national broadcaster RNZ carried a news item which at first thought was representing 'silly season' content. From the New York Post! 'Stop the Insanity' its tabloid front page ran, alongside a picture of POTUS 45 looking somewhat downcast.

Message from its editorial board embellished that he do this for his own sake and the country's. His intense concentration on January 6th when a perceived final possibility to overturn the (so far) official result of the November 3rd Election and have it declared in his favor was (we daresay) wrong. Instead and much more constructively concentrate on January 5th. With a view to retaining Republican majority control of the Senate.

Which illustrates the helping hand nature of published words in New York's influential media.

Reading Through

Now as an artist who knows the merits of flat brush work - one color on one side, another on the other and then the twain shall meet - reading through this news presentation found access to balance. Goodonem! The intriguing words 'King Lear of Mar a Lago' and 'cheering for an undemocratic coup' and 'imagine a government controlled by your nemeses - how high will taxes go?'

Did I say balance?? Goodness me it's up there in B&W so I must have done. Moral mojo, wot! Owning it.

And then the nemeses, people who in actuality represent Americans in Congress or Senate, routinely blagged by '45' et al for essentially doing their jobs. Moral Oh No, think not! Disowning them.

Then taxes: Oh the magnificent cries when first and wannabe foremost at the beginning of his (reign) taxes were cut. Stock shot up; government services down. Stock (aka securities) belong to the Few; government services U join the queue!

When the pandemic hit; some of those health services already gone, how could anyone think that Competence None was nought but The Fool. A talk with 'King Lear' now that Shakespeare's gone could help with this answer.

On Balance

So here we are: on balance, what will you Decide?

Till next time.. try for a good time.. and to one and all: Happy New Year!



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