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Minch Meets Grinch


ART: Minch (2021) Meets Grinch(2020)

I opened the NYTimes this morning and - reading it the correct way (right to left) - found this: Your Dog Had the Best Year Ever

To which, Minch, sharp as a tack, barked: Imagine that!

As you can see above, Grinch was not up for imagining anything.. save to get outta this photo shoot ASAP.

So the pair settled on growling at each other while I took breakfast.. ham and egg.. a wee cup of strong coffee.. and all my pills.

Surprise surprise, Minch makes for making up with her suggestion for Grinch to render his last gasp 2020 experience by asking in doglan whether he brought a piece of black coal through the doghaus at midnight?

Nah, not this time,  I brought enough of everything else in last year, before figuring how someone else--YOU--could take on those chores.

Chores, cries Minch, never chores. YOU mean charms.. I'm sure you do..

Do I?

Of course. Yes, I realize how misery can so influence the mind as to..well, have you unrecognize whatever it is.. er..hum.

Yeah, right. Know something' lady, know who you remind me of--

Who? (back to tack)

Dat James guy. Yeah, how I know is its the way you go on and stretch stuff out. Know something, he's worse than Ray Bradbury and he was a real wordsmith. An' while I'm wondering WTH youse about this James guy is dazzling me with all his semi-colons followed by (wait for it) buts or howevers or yets. Savvy?

Actually, no. For one thing I don't know any James guys--who do they play for? For another, I never read hubris of any kind. Whatsoever. And what on earth you are reading it for is beyond me.

Well actually, Minch--it is Minch isn't it?

Yes Grinch it is. Definitely. Continue..

Hey watchit YOU--don't come the haughty!

As you were saying, Grinch..

Okay, so it's right after I got back from the supermarket last evening. I'm in there, see, and I backed into a low display. I knew it was low because it wasn't in my wing mirrors.

Wing mirrors, really.. not reverse mirrors? I mean to say you don't have wings do YOU?

Wing mirrors is yesterday's doglan, right! I know you're new an' all an'.. doglan 21, but if you want the story you gotta make allowances..

Minch(mental note = no, no more allowances): Low display.. what was it.. and don't YOU dare say dog pile!

Grinch grins, lifts his ears in salute to this gritty girl, and barks: Gee I wish I'd thought of that..

(Disgusted) So, you clearly moved forward.. and..

And theys saying.. couple labradors if you ask me.. how great I was.. for getting about.. and backing into things--

Though not for carrying coal?

Oh lady, you got that right, there aint no way I'll be carrying coal ever again. There was only ever alarm in it. BTW, and answering your earlier question, I got back to this book on the floor. Gutenburgh publishing.. gratis.. easy to see why.. nobody was goin' to read it in such small type and wide column with no line spacing. Real no-no.

YOU felt challenged?

Yeah, how did you figure that! We lifted it, see. Gutenburgh said you could..sort of. Copied, clipboarded, narrow columned, line spaced and bigger font. Beautiful! I didn't even need my glasses on. But lady, it sure is long and I figure I'm gonna be tied down for all of 2021 just to get through for a ree-vue..!!

ps: Among other things YOU have been reading the transcribed meta-tape of how NYTimes's book editors' book recommendation of the (American) classic Portrait of a Lady took revenge upon a Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

And alternatively explain why this year your dog will have the best year ever.. :-)



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