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Disaster can inspire..or something like that..

Acid rain

Art: Result of too much acid rain, not enough forethought..

Michigan researchers - into Covid-19 have come up with an interesting finding—indigestion treatment with proton pump inhibitors(PPIs) increases coronavirus positive testing. [ppi reduce hydrogen, increase pH]

The study holds greater credibility from having over 60,000 patients under observation.

Making explanation for themselves* they pointed out:

“Coronaviruses are easily destroyed at a gastric pH of less than 3, but survive in a more neutral pH..”

*WHO say there is no evidence of gastro-intestinal(GI) acidity destroying covid. As Carl Sagan would argue: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; indeed Michigan make the very point albeit from indirect research.

My interest which was sparked from an RNZ report this morning of acid rain over Tonga arising from sulfur aerosols, the pH of which is widely recognized as ~ 4.3.

Compare healthy human lungs at pH 7.4(slightly alkaline), hence covid infection.

Environmental aerosol mixing - acid rain + Sars Covid-2 - ought result in greater virus kill and less covid infection, certainly over dense population areas; cities, towns, et cetera. Subject to fact or evidence-based of course.

Low level testing for this might be possible in/around Tonga and should it subsequently prove to be the case, larger studies along with ’to scale’ environmental methods of culling/limiting virus capacity/atrocity upon human beings a valued management tool.

So.. c’mon guys, let’s do more than what do you think..! Emphasis: do more! 

Like short, sharp, direct shots. Overnights maybe to hole out the transmissibility stakes..

We need some break-evens.



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