Pizza Saga -- (1)

Last weekend I was gifted a frypan, an electric frypan.

It was a surprise because the only time I had ever mentioned one was three or four decades ago on a visit to hillside dwellers at Mount Pleasant, Nr Christchurch.

Still, amazed as I had been then, the memory prodded me into using my very own, now.

To make, would you believe, a simple pizza. Tomato sauce(from paste), mozzarella, chopped ham, basil, the toppings.

The bottoming, so to speak, 2 glass cups salted ( 1 level tsp ) plain flour stirred into mix 1 level tsp active yeast and half a cup of warm water which had been standing on the bench for 5 minutes.

No problem, as they say here, none whatsoever. Though I shall admit to being careful with the flour and only mixing 1.5 cups initially. Then, if the dough was sticky, I would spoon the remainder in and stir till satisfied it would finger knead without undue mess. Done.

Popped the lot into my oil-rubbed frypan and spread with long wooden spatula. [I'd taken good advice moons ago about not using metal implements around non-stick surfaces, so as to sustain non-stickiness :-)]. Added all tomato sauce, spreading thinly over the dough, sprinkled mozzarella, ham, basil; set the dial at 4(next to 'hot'), and booted up.

15 minutes under full cover (twist of baking paper stuffing the lid's vent hole); carefully lifted lid off to avoid spilling water condensate back into the pan; continue heat setting for further 5 minutes, and when pizza edges curl up or darken or blacken, turn heat off and lift or slide pizza to warm plate or platter.

Done. Stand 5 minutes. Then sliced a taster-sized piece, took a photo(firsts are musts aren't they!) and sat down to enjoy. Splendid.

Next.. the Problem...



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